What is a rubber base coat?

A rubber base is a base gel polish that provides extra elasticity and a flexible layer to the natural nail. Their flexible properties allow the gel to bend with the natural nail without breakage. Due to their thicker viscosity, rubber bases are self leveling which can help you create a perfect, natural curve to the nail plate.

Rubber base coats are perfect for those who have uneven, brittle or flimsy nails - being that these gels are used to build up a slight apex for added durability. Rubber base coats are prefect for natural nails, sculpting, overlays and can be used on gel tips.

What is the difference between a regular base coat and a rubber base coat?

The most significant difference between these two products are their consistencies/thicknesses. A regular base coat has a thinner viscosity and needs to be applied in thin coats, while a rubber base has a thicker viscosity and can be applied generously to create that perfect curve or apex.

One great benefit to using a rubber base coat is their 2-in-1 feature (base coat + color combined). After correctly prepping the nail, application consists of applying the colored rubber base, curing, and applying a top coat - essentially eliminating one entire step in comparison to a regular gel system (apply gel base/cure, apply colored gel/cure, and apply top coat/cure).

How long do manicures/pedicures with rubber base coats last?

When applied correctly, you can expect a rubber base manicure or pedicure to last up to 4 weeks. For best results, Lovebird Nail Co. rubber base coats should be used in conjunction with our acid-free nail primer.

How to apply our rubber base coat to the natural nail?

1. Correctly prep the natural nail.
2. Apply Lovebird Nail Co. acid-free primer to the natural nail.
3. Apply Lovebird Nail Co. rubber base coat and cure for 30/60 seconds (depends on your UV/LED light).
4. Apply a second coat if needed and cure.
5. Apply Lovebird Nail Co. top coat and cure.
6. Enjoy your gorgeous manicure that will last you 4+ weeks ♡.